Customer Comments

“Merry Christmas! Hello, as a former Newfie, I have been collecting since 2004. I just wanted to say how much I admire these ornaments and look forward to the release every year.” ~ Sarah
“Happy New Year! I now have a collection of 18 Newfoundland and Labrador Christmas ornament. Look forward to them every year”. ~ Michelle
“Hi Guys, thanks to you for another fantastic decoration this year! My moms been sending one up every year since 1998 and we love them. If by some chance we win the contest, I would love the opportunity to give it to my mom, hence why I put her mailing information on the contest form. Thanks once again and guys do amazing work. All the best in 2017!” ~ Mark Press
“Hi Folks, some time ago now, I had contacted you people to help me find some of the pewter ornaments (Christmas). You were a great help to me in locating some. I now have all of them from 1999 – present displayed on a white tree (which I leave up all throughout the year in memory of our son, Lloyd Andrew Morgan born January 25, 1980, who we tragically lost December 20, 1998. Our Harbour Authority building is also named the Morgan-Hawe Memorial Building, named after another young man that was from P-D-G and tragically killed in a motor accident. How fitting that this is our 20th anniversary of the Port-De-Grave boat lighting be the 20th anniversary of our sons passing and it be on the cover of the yuletide magazine. Hope we are lucky enough to be picked up for print to put in display at the Harbour Authority Building Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy prosperous new year. I look forward to have your ornaments on our tree every year.” ~ Regards, Gloria Morgan. December 15, 2018
“Dear Candice, thank you so much for your prompt service dear. I only ordered my two Christmas ornaments on Wednesday – I received them today! God Bless you and all your family this Christmas – always. And thank you once again for your friendly and quick service. Merry Christmas and Happy 2020! .” ~ Yours sincerely, Maxine Fowler. December 19, 2019
“Dear Chamber Director, I can’t begin to tell you just how much I enjoy the ornaments. I pick them up whenever I am home and now my sisters are sending them to as part of my Christmas present. They give me such a sense of homesickness and Newfoundland Holiday warmth. My seconds and thirds I give to my sons and they enjoy them as much as I do. I think that I have all of but two of the first two ornaments and have hunted for them, but knowing the enjoyment I get from mine I can see why they get snapped up fast. This year’s ornament means a lot to me as I grew up on Church Hill on St. Johns and spent my youth all over St. Johns. I hope that you will continue to produce the ornament for many years to come. They bring a lot of enjoyment to a lot of people. This year I’m entering the drawing my do so again. Blessing on you all and thanks for a great job”. Sincerely, Ann D. Duggins, Skidmore Texas. January 9, 2016
“Hello, I have been giving these beautiful ornaments to my wife each Christmas since our 2nd son was born, now he is 18 years old and my wife displays the ornaments year long in a shadow box. I hope to be the lucky person to win the print this year”. ~ Albert Spence
“To Whom it May Concern, I have all of the ornaments and each one I purchase puts me back in time to all of the wonderful things we cherished on this wonderful island that we call home. Thank you to the artists for their talent that they share and their pride of newfoundland that I can buy every year. They are all beautiful and this year is no exception. Hope I am lucky enough to get the print”. ~ Sincerely, Winnie Gibbs. July 29, 2019.
“Hi, just dropping you a line to let you know I love the scenery on your 2018 ornament, but it would be beautiful of it was in colour. I have all of your collection except one that I have been trying to get, the 1999 ornament. I have collected them for my son, unfortunately, the year he was in the only one I don’t have”. ~ Faithfully support your cause, Helena Breon.
“To Whom it May Concern, enclosed please find my entry to win a print. I have all of the ornaments, since you started selling them, and really enjoy seeing the next one. I picked up my 2020 ornament today and when I saw the red pick-up with the tree in the box of the vehicle, I was thrilled. My father had a little red truck when I was a child and he used to get our tree in his truck when we got home from school. Last year, while I was in Florida, I bought a mat with the same picture and I also found a shower curtain. I would be thrilled to have the print of the 2020 ornament so I do hope I win these years draw. Thank you for having the ornament project. Please keep making one every year. This has been a very difficult year. Stay safe and thank you. Merry Christmas!” ~ Sincerely, Winnie Tibbs, November 22, 2020.
“Thank you for the beautiful ornaments. I am missing the 2012 ornament. Do you know how I can get it and the cost?”. ~ Marlene.
“Clarenville Area Chamber of Commerce, thank you for the beautiful pewter Christmas ornament, I collect yearly”. ~ D. Bruce.
“I love these ornaments and I have one every year since 1999. I would love to win the print of this year’s ornament. Keep up the fantastic work”. ~ Denise Alcock

“Dear Sir or Madam, I fell in love with and have been collecting these pewter ornaments for about 10 years now but this is the first time I have remembered to send in my name at a chance to win the print. Last year, I decided I needed to stop collecting the ornaments because my tree was getting a little pewter heavy. . However, when I saw the 2015 design, I just had to have it. The turkey raffle is one of my favourite childhood memories with my mom. Whenever she would take me or one of my siblings with her to Christmas shop downtown, we would always end up at the turkey raffle place. I can still feel the sawdust under my feet and hear the men behind the counter shout ‘2 for nickel – 4 for a dime – 10 for a quarter’, while Santa stood outside ringing the shoppers into the crammed space to buy tickets for a chance at winning a Christmas turkey! I would always wish and wish for that turkey but I don’t ever recall if we ever actually won. I don’t remember not having a turkey at Christmas, so maybe we did . I also bought one of the 2015 ornaments for a sister, brother and niece. We all agreed that the ornament is and will continue to be a great way to remember our wonderful mom who passed way a little over a year ago. Thank you for capturing the turkey raffle this way and I can’t wait to see what this year’s design will be”.

Sincerely, Carol Ann Mercer

“I was gifted my first Christmas ornament 2022! Looking forward to many more! Visited “home” this past summer, my ornament is a great memory piece!”

– Ruth Janes

“Thank you for keeping up this great project, and sticking with the Newfoundland theme in each ornament. The 2021 ornament made me cry so many times, as it has been some years since we have had our daughter home for Christmas. The ornament was bitter sweet.”

“Thank you for making this ornament! Received it as a gift from one who visited Newfoundland during the summer.”

– Barb

I simply love your ornaments! Friends from Lewisporte have sent me one each year after 9-11. I was one of the “plane people” diverted to “The Rock” following the terrorist activities of 9-11 and have returned to visit many times. Needless to say, I am so grateful to all the Newfoundlanders who cared for us. I was fortunate to be back for the 205y anniversary and hope to return again in the Spring.

– Shirley Brooks-Jones

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