Submission Guidelines


  • All artwork must be submitted as a colour photograph or full colour rendition.
  • Artwork may not be based on a previously released work (please contact Chamber office for past art work)
  • The size of the ornament will be 3” high by 2” wide (oval shape). Please take this into consideration when determining details.
  • The final print size must be 15” X 21” maximum.

Initial submission of artwork is due November 30th of each year.  The completed artwork will be due the last Friday of January of the following year.


The design must focus around four core areas which you, the artist, may want to keep in mind when designing the artwork.  The design should consider:

  • marketability/Newfoundlandia (artwork must be based on growing up in Newfoundland-Labrador),
  • originality,
  • theme/concept and
  • design quality.

You are also encouraged to title your work, as each ornament will require a title before it is manufactured.


  • For the acquisition of the original piece of artwork and all rights to the design, the Chamber will pay the artist an amount of $5,000 + Applicable Taxes.
  • A quantity of 24 of the Newfoundland-Labrador Christmas Pewter Ornaments per the artist painting
  • A quantity of 5 prints
  • A quantity of 50 greeting cards
  • The Artist’s name will be included on all merchandise and all marketing activities (posters, brochures, web advertising, radio advertising, etc.)

*    Upon receipt of the original artwork, a payment of $1,000 + Taxes will be made in five (5) equal monthly payments.

The Artist will provide to the Clarenville Area Chamber of Commerce

  • The selected artist will be required to sign a legal contract.
  • The artist will be required to sign and number all limited-edition prints (maximum of 100 prints).
  • The artist will be required to submit information for the ornament tag including:
  • a small personal biography
  • inspiration behind the design
  • a name for the design and
  • Your favorite recipe.
  • The artist will be required to act as a Good Will Ambassador for the project.


If the artist wishes to purchase products from the CACC for resale, they will have to follow our retailer’s policy which includes a set pricing policy, permission must be sought from the CACC before any products can be sold at any craft or trade fair.  The artist may not be able to sell products in certain areas of the province, due to retailer exclusivity agreement already in place.


For more information, please contact us.                           

Clarenville Area Chamber of Commerce
263 Memorial Drive
Clarenville, NL A5A 1R5

Ph: 709-466-5800
Toll Free: 1-888-466-5800
Fax: 709-466-5803

Emergency Contacts
RCMP: 466-3211
Fire Department: 466-7777
Ambulance: 466-3468
Hospital: 466-3411
Poison Control: 1-800-722-1110
Mental Health Crisis: 1-888-737-4668

Photography by Paul Tilley.