2013 Ornament

“Guiding Light”

I was inspired to do this painting from a story my father told me of when he was in Hawks Bay working in the woods. My father couldn’t come home for Christmas that year because of bad weather and he had to walk from Hawks Bay to Deer Lake so he decided to go to St Anthony with a friend for Christmas.

While he was there they went to visit his brother who was a light keeper on Quirpon Island. He told me there were no trees around but they had a beautiful Christmas tree. They would go on the mainland every year and cut a tree along with their winter wood supply and bring it back to the island by boat. He said there was a large family living alone, isolated from the mainland but seemed to be very happy. The family had a team of dogs which they used when they could go on the ice in search of birds. The image depicted in the painting is strictly from my mind with the exception of a photo I used of the lighthouse and seals.

I also remember when I was a boy in Chapel Arm; some fishermen would cut wood in different parts of the Bay and bring it home by boat. Near Christmastime a Christmas tree would be brought home as well.

About the Artist
LloydPrettyLloyd Pretty has been creating art since he was four years old; but it wasn’t until he was in his thirties when he began painting full time. He grew up in Chapel Arm, Newfoundland and went to work with his father in the lumber woods when he was seventeen. After working in the lumber woods for five years he decided to travel and ended up in Montreal where he found work on an oil tanker and sailed the seaway and the Great lakes for seven years. After he married and started his family, Lloyd found work ashore in Montreal in the oil refineries and later moved to Glace Bay, N.S, with Atomic Energy of Canada. Eventually he ended up back in Newfoundland and settled in Stephenville where he is still living today along with his wife Daphne who is also very creative in art and design.

Today Lloyds work is well known throughout Canada and in collections all over North America; as far away as Austria. He now produces his own Limited Edition giclée prints and paints every day. Lloyd has won many awards for his work and has been commissioned by many people, organizations, and companies to create works of art. Some of which are Parks Canada, Newtel, Husky Oil, and many more. Republic of Doyle is a big fan and some of his work can be seen on the sets of that show.

Lloyd is currently a Member of the Canadian Society of Marine Artist, a Board Member for the Newfoundland and Labrador Arts Council, Board Member for the Folks Arts Society, St John’s as well as the Bay St George Folks Arts Council.


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