2008 Ornament

“Can You See Him?”

“It’s Christmas Eve! It’s the magical time of year when Santa and his clever reindeer leave the North Pole to make mysterious deliveries all over the world. The children, who have been especially good all year, have made preparations for Santa’s arrival and are having a last look before Mommy nudges them off to bed and tucks them in for an uneasy sleep.

Many of us are warmed by fond thoughts of the sense of excitement, expectation, and surprise experienced on Christmas morning. Looking back on my childhood, I recall a time spent with family that was filled with love. While we may not have had a lot, we were nourished and treasured by our parents who created wonderful, warm memories that sustain us today.

About the Artist
MahoneyLarryLarry Mahoney was born in St. John’s, Newfoundland close to many scenic communities along its rugged coastline. He spent his working career in graphic arts, but did not begin his painting career until 1990. Art brings Larry tremendous joy as it is a means of sharing interesting moments and memories with others. Larry is passionate about history and likes to reflect his research on daily life in past generations in his paintings. He is a keen observer of life and nature, which is evident in the incredible detail and colors that, fills the varied scenes he creates. For further information email larrymahoney@nl.rogers.com or call 739-4016



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