2002 Ornament

“In Nan’s Kitchen”

Kitchens have always been the heart of the Newfoundland home, a place where parties, teas, homemade goodies, and memories are made.

It has long been a Newfoundland tradition to preserve and prepare food for Christmas, and many ladies were known for their family recipes. Traditionally, raisin bread and salt fish are served on Christmas Eve. Fruit cake and syrup are served to visitors and mummers. A common question around this time of year is: “Do you have your Christmas baking done yet?” Often cookies, breads, and cakes were, and are still given as gifts. For many, the smells and tastes of these foods trigger fond Christmas memories.

For Kathy, one of her family traditions is to visit her grandmother to make tasty gingersnaps – an event eagerly anticipated by her sons today.
Kathy Sweetapple
Kathy Sweetapple is an art teacher in Glovertown, NL where she resides with her husband and three sons. More of Kathy’s work may be seen at www.newfoundlandart.ca





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